Value/Cost Containment
At RMI, we understand the difference between price and value. Respect for our clients’ budget is RMI’s top priority. We only work with suppliers, vendors and sub-contractors we know will supply you with the most cost-efficient materials and labor for your project. All RMI sub-contractors work under an agreement that explicitly outlines the work they are expected to perform to assure project pricing is complete, reducing the chance of unexpected costs. In addition, RMI maintains a categorized, detailed fiscal account of all costs associated with each project so you know exactly where your money is going.

When we’re building your dream home, we want you to know when to begin imagining your life in it. That’s why RMI develops detailed schedules on each project including Gantt charts to graphically show project status, milestones and completion dates. When it comes time to make decorative selections to turn your house into a home, we provide you with worksheets to guide you through the process. The schedules and worksheets RMI provides are a key tool in managing the construction process and coordinating your selections with the overall time schedule and construction cost budget.

QUality Control
RMI Project Managers keep a close eye on quality control throughout the building process. During construction, we conduct a documented 14-step quality control check to ensure the project is going as planned. When the project is complete, we perform a final 90-point quality control check to assure all touch-ups and adjustments are made before you move into your new space.